Shannan & Alan

June 13, 2015


  • Bridesmaids Getting Ready

  • Nicole McKenzie - Maid of Honor

    Nikki and Shannan became acquainted at the tender age of 12 at the Bethel Full Gospel Baptist Church in Miami, Florida where the pair flourished as featured members of the Praise and Worship dance company.  It was as members of Praise and Worship that Nikki and Shannan first discovered, under the gentle glimmer of hulking stain glassed windows, amidst the symphonic bellow of mighty organ pipes, that each had a rare and precious talent that could only be expressed through the purposeful and regimented movement of the human body.  Over the years, Nikki and Shannan would together see this mutual talent blossom and mature, and through the many hours practicing twisting pirouettes, jumping saut de chats, sultry Electric Slides and rigorous Running Mans, Nikki and Shannan would forge an unbreakable sisterly bond, tempered by their shared identity as dancers extraordinaire. Currently, Nikki lives in Atlanta, GA.

  • Cicely Robinson - Matron of Honor

    Cicely and Shannan grew up together in Columbia, South Carolina and since those early days, they’ve been like two peas in a pod…although Cicely would surely contend that Shannan has been more like a lost baby duckling, constantly following Cicely around and and intently copying her every movement.  And while reasonable people could very well disagree as to whether Cicely and Shannan more resemble peas or ducklings, it is undisputed that Cicely has been a truly central figure in Shannan’s life.  In fact, Cicely is often credited with introducing Shannan to the motion picture classic “Clueless,” and it is well documented that it was Cicely who encouraged (or forced) Shannan to do her very first split.  One could even say that Shannan’s most striking personality traits are a direct result of Cicely’s sisterly influence, including her quick wit, caring demeanor, and penchant for biting sarcasm.  To this day, Cicely continues to play the multifaceted roles of big sister, cherished friend, giver of tough love, and relationship advisor in Shannan’s life. Currently, Cicely lives in Greenville, SC.

  • Lashon Daley

    Lashon and Shannan first met on the school bus in the fifth grade, and somewhere along the slow daily trek to Sunset Elementary, the two became fast friends.  Together with Laurie Hinshelwood, Shannan and Lashon became an inseparable trio, and even collaborated to conduct a magnetic rendition of SWV's "Weak" in the school talent show.  Lashon, always towering over Laurie and Shannan (as she still does today), was the undisputed star of the show.  Throughout the years Lashon and Shannan have remained in close contact, and shared gleefully in each other's accomplishments--especially most recently, when Lashon's latest writing "Love, Loss and What I'll Wear" was featured in O Magazine. Currently, Lashon lives EVERYWHERE. Really.

  • Laurie Hinshelwood

    Laurie and Shannan first met in the 5th grade on the elementary school bus.  Interestingly, Shannan first decided to strike up a conversation after noticing that Laurie had the same glasses—big, red, and oval-shaped like a mid-90s Sally Jessie Raphael. Shannan wasn’t the only person to notice Shannan and Laurie's similarities, and the more time they spent together, the more that others began to confuse the two.  Not only could their teachers never tell them apart, but on one particular occasion, the school bus driver mistakenly dropped Shannan off at Laurie’s house.  Through it all, Shannan and Laurie developed a very close bond and sisterly relationship that continues to endure to this day. Laurie currently lives in Miami, FL.

  • Meredith Moore

    Meredith and Shannan first met in 2003 as dance students at The Ailey School in New York.  Despite the challenge of coursework, auditions, and the blistering pace of the Big Apple, Meredith and Shannan always carved out time to speak to one another, sharing life stories and providing mutual support and encouragement.  Quite often, they would carve out too much time—they both earned a B- in Body Conditioning, because they "couldn’t stop talking during class."  A few years later in 2009, Meredith and Shannan would become roommates in Brooklyn.  Meredith and Shannan have always leaned on one another—and Shannan credits Meredith for showing her how to be a better person and a better friend. Meredith currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

  • Alison Smith

    Although sharing the same last name and looking strikingly similar in appearance, Shannan and Alison are actually not related.  Shannan and Alison first met over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2010, when Sean Smith, Alison’s now husband, introduced Alison to Shannan and Alan.  The rest was history.  The two couples quickly meshed and formed a formidable double-date tandem, leaving local restaurants, movie theatres and like establishments in veritable shambles.  Shannan and Alison are both remarkable for their mutual and passionate interest in world politics, Netflix documentaries, and disco dancing. Alison currently lives in Andover, MA.

  • Krista Smithen

    Krista and Shannan met at Spelman College in 2002, where as a tradition the Freshman class was lined up in alphabetical order by last name, and Krista and Shannan ending up right next to each other.  Krista and Shannan remained friends throughout college, but the two cultivated a truly close relationship in 2012, when Shannan moved back to New York and moved in with Krista.  Over that time together as roommates, they served as each others cheerleaders and confidantes, and even survived a small kitchen fire together.   Shannan considers Krista one of her truly best friends. Krista currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and somewhere in Connecticut.

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